Hooray!! We are proud as punch of all those folks whose efforts to save Paul Conrad's amazing "Chain Reaction" sculpture at the Santa Monica Civic Center (finally) resonated with our town's powers-that-be. 

For details, see David Ng's 2/26/2014 piece "Santa Monica votes to save 'Chain Reaction' by Paul Conrad" on the L.A. Times Culture Monster blog.

Let's call a spade a spade here: art you don't like is not an attractive nuisance, it is art you don't like. Thanks again to Christopher Knight for his thoughtful 9/19/2013 L.A. Times piece "Santa Monica bid to remove Paul Conrad's 'Chain Reaction' nonsensical".

We believe this brouhaha would greatly amuse Paul Conrad, who didn't suffer fools -- yet was fiercely loyal to friends.