• from Paddy: Angel City Press had the honor of working with wonderful Lonnie White and his chronicle UCLA vs. USC: 75 years of the Greatest Rivalry in Sports. His positive spirit will live on in our hearts. We have lost a friend.
  • from Scott: The Times closed its book division a decade ago at the same time it took delivery of dozens of pallets of Lonnie White's terrific book UCLA vs. USC. We met him in the basement and made a plan to sell some books. He made it look easy when he autographed four thousand of them for UCLA season-ticket holders. If it hurt, he didn't show it -- not then, not when he left the beleaguered Times a few years later, and certainly not when we asked about his health. Rest in peace, you most tough and gentle man...
To learn more about Lonnie, see Gary Klein's L.A .Times obit "Lonnie White dies at 49; Times sportswriter, USC football player," Jay Christensen's "In Memory of Lonnie White,"  and Lonnie's own 2011 reminiscence/confession "Cash Flows Freely in College Sports." He will be missed.