The Los Angeles Times fittingly used its most emblematic resource -- a former Times staffer -- to pen its obituary for Al Martinez, who died Monday after a long struggle with COPD. Lately, Al had been writing for, before that for the Daily News, and for a generation prior at the Times. 

In 2006, Angel City Press was privileged to work with Al to transform his columns about his dog into Barkley: A Dog's Tale. Then we got to watch Al engage with his public, and realize we weren't the only readers who connected deeply with him.

Others will pen eulogies, but there is no real need; his work is its own tribute. Almost four years ago, he wrote of losing his daughter Cindy:

...she will exist until the end of my days at a place in memory where there are no tears and where one never has to say goodbye.

Rest well, fine man...