Take a listen to "From jellied consomme to roast squab, old menus reflect L.A.'s changing tastes" and hear Josh Kun and Amanda Cohen talk about how menus affect our dining experience.

Not to spoil if or anything, here's our favorite part of the Q&A:

NC: After doing this project, has this changed the way that you look at a menu now when you go to a restaurant?

JK: Completely. It's ruined it. To be really honest, before I didn't really think that much about menus. They were just the things that I read to get to the food. And now I really do more and more approach it like -- I feel like I go into a restaurant and become a literary critic or something. That I put on my post-structuralist deconstructionist hat and I want to look at that font, look at how many commas are there. I'm noticing the adjectives and I'm noticing content before I'm even thinking about what I want to order.

For better or worse, Noelle, be careful what you spend your life doing.

 Let's eat!