Congratulations to Lynell George on her Grammy nomination for Best Liner Notes (winners to be announced in January)! We can hardly wait for January 2018 as that’s also when her new Angel City Press book After/Image: Los Angeles Outside the Frame will be available in stores. We asked Lynell to share the detailsthe emotionsof that first moment when she found out about her nomination, and here's what she had to say: 

"I’m beside myself. Being on the other side of things—as a journalist often makingOtis Redding Live At the Whisky A Go Go these announcements myself about other people—I have to say I was truly floored to hear the news of the Grammy nomination. In certain ways, it truly came out of the blue. I learned of the news by way of a tagged Facebook post from a music-journalist colleague. In fact, when I first saw it, I wasn't sure that I'd read it correctly. For a kid growing up obsessed with liner notes, this is so meaningful.


I'm thrilled that it is for the notes about the historic Otis Redding run at the Whisky A Go Go, because it was a way to write about Otis's aspirations as well this notion of capturing "Los Angeles" as a symbol of a larger audience and whole new level of fame for him. The Los Angeles (and the Sunset Strip) he landed in was changing, and his music was breaking through old music industry barriers and was being played here on both soul and rock stations. The notes were a way to document the shift in tastes and styles here in Los Angeles as the late '60s took hold. In certain ways, Otis was right, L.A. was exactly one of the stages he needed to be on."


Congratulations again, Lynell!