We're going to miss our fabulous intern Melisa Hipolito Melisa Hipolitowhen she goes back to Barnard College! She's amazing and learned how to publish a book in 12 short weeks! Before she heads back to New York, we asked Melisa to share her reflections about Angel City Press and her summer internship: 

Originally from South Central Los Angeles, I moved to New York City to attend Barnard College where I plan to double major in English and Economics. As the first in my family to attend college, I have found my college experience to be rewarding and satisfying (and very cold). While at Barnard, I have served as co-publicity chair in Mujeres, an organization that engages in the cultural support of Latinas and others on campus. When I am not studying for the next big test, publicizing Mujeres events, or working, I enjoy exploring New York and discovering its live music venues, coffee shops, and places that share the city’s cultural history.

For my summer internship, I was interested in publishing/editorial internships in Los Angeles. When I discussed these plans with others, many were confused as to why I was searching in Los Angeles if New York City had an abundance of publishing companies. While the number of publishers in Southern California may be smaller compared to East Coast cities, I knew many people and organizations were actively building on the city’s rich literary history. After reading about Angel City Press' focus on the history of Los Angeles, I reached out to Paddy Calistro and Scott McAuley and have enjoyed learning about the field while working in ACP's Santa Monica office. 

My favorite Angel City Press book is Rock ‘n’ Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip by Robert Landau. As an avid reader, photography enthusiast, and lover of music, I became enthralled by the stories and photographs in the book. Landau was able to preserve and tell a short-lived, but fascinating era in the music industry of Los Angeles. The use of billboards by famous artists such as The Doors and The Beatles was a turning point in music promotion. I especially enjoyed learning about the impact that the Sunset Strip had on the music industry and on Los Angeles. As a proud native of Los Angeles, I have loved learning about the history of Los Angeles during my time at Angel City Press.

Good luck, Melisa! The publishing world is lucky to have you!!!! Edit that: The world is lucky to have you!