Winning the Board Game

Winning the Board Game:
How Women Corporate Make THE Difference

by Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire

Women on corporate boards is strictly a business issue. Independent research studies demonstrate that public companies with women on their boards are more profitable, more productive, and their workforce is better engaged.

Even more compelling, shareholders large and small have the best chance for positive returns on their investments when women are on the boards.

Author Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire profiles fifty-three women corporate directors who have made the important difference on their boards. Berkhemer-Credaire’s newest book expands beyond her first book and explains the value women bring to boards—insights and counsel for board-seekers and current directors to advance more women to corporate boards.


  1. Aida Alvarez
  2. Kapila Anand
  3. Shellye Archambeau
  4. Roxanne S. Austin
  5. Wanda Austin, PhD
  6. Barbara M. Barrett
  7. Elizabeth Bastoni
  8. Terry Bayer
  9. Cheemin Bo-Linn
  10. Adriane M. Brown
  11. Colleen Brown
  12. Kathleen Brown
  13. Molly Campbell
  14. Phyllis Campbell
  15. Irene Chang-Britt
  16. Cynthia Cleveland
  17. Connie Collingsworth
  18. Lu M. Córdova
  19. Tracey Doi
  20. Sheri Edison
  21. Barbara Faulkenberry
  22. Robin Ferracone
  23. Christine Garvey
  24. Anne Raby Gates
  25. Leslie Stone Heisz
  26. Kathleen Holmgren
  27. Sheila Hooda
  28. Jewell D. Hoover
  29. Linda P. Hudson
  30. Diana Ingram
  31. Leslie Ireland
  32. Christine Jacobs
  33. Lynn Jolliffe
  34. Jacqueline Kosecoff, PhD
  35. Kristina M. Leslie
  36. Kathleen Ligocki
  37. Gail Lione
  38. Patricia Lizarraga
  39. Monica Lozano
  40. Brenda A. McCabe
  41. Susanne Meline
  42. Ilyanne Morden Kichaven
  43. Judy Olian
  44. Liane Pelletier
  45. Ronna Romney
  46. Linda Rosenstock, MD
  47. Eva Sage-Gavin
  48. Maria S. Salinas
  49. Susan Salka
  50. Dany St-Pierre
  51. Susan Thronson
  52. Holly Van Deursen
  53. Billie Ida Williamson
  • Diversity. . . is not just a nice thing to have [on boards], and it’s not about political correctness—it's about challenging outmoded ways of thinking to improve company results.—Dame Helena Morrissey, London; founder of the global 30% Club
  • Across the globe, women are helping to create new value, see new opportunities, create better environments for business inclusivity, and raise the bar of corporate excellence.Susan C. Keating, Stuart, Florida; CEO, WomenCorporateDirectors
  • CEOS, directors, and investors are critical to the advancement of more women into the boardroomthey are the game-changers. They know it is just smart business. It is not a gender agenda—it is a business agenda.—Janice Reals Ellig, New York City, Ellig Group, Executive Search Advisors; founder, chair, Breakfast of Corporate Champions, Women’s Forum of New York 
  • Be thorough in your approach. Know the business, and make your knowledge valuable. My great joy is to see women take their rightful seats in the boardroom.—Linda Rabbitt, Washington, DC; founder, chair, Rand* Construction Corp.; director, Willis Towers Watson; founder, Harvard’s "Women on Boards" program; NACD Director of the Year. 


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    • 9x6"
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