ACP@LAPL at Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

April 19, '24 by Scott McAuley

Join ACP@LAPL at USC Apr 20-21 for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books! Come and check out some of our amazing titles and the fantastic authors who wrote them.  We’ll be at Booth #119 all weekend, and look forward to seeing you there!

Nameless for the afternoon...

October 04, '23 by Scott McAuley

Lead Belly sang "There's a Man Going Round Taking Names" back in 1953, long before there was the Internet or its naming Tower of Babel. We at ACP sure could relate to "left my heart in vain" on the fine Tuesday afternoon of October 3, 2020 -- had gone... read more

Angel City Press Summer/Fall 2020 Newsletter

August 13, '20 by Scott McAuley

Angel City Press has done its best to focus resources and energy on creating terrific books since its inception in 1992. Our offices have always been our homes. Our human resources have always been our trusted authors, designers, editors, proofreaders, advisors, printers, sales reps, and fulfillment partners.  Truth be told,... read more

Angel City Press Summer 2019 Newsletter

September 09, '19 by Terri Accomazzo

Check Out Our Upcoming Titles The Autograph Book of L.A.: Improvements on the Page of the City The Autograph Book of L.A. by Josh Kun publishes September 25th. Inspired by the Autograph Collection at the Los Angeles Public Library, this book looks at all the ways we leave our imprints on the... read more

Robert Winter, 1924–2019

Dr. Robert Winter, the renowned architectural historian and author of several works including An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles, died Saturday, February 9, 2019. Dr. Winter was, at age 94, Angel City Press’s newest author, but one of our longtime friends. He spent most of his illustrious career chronicling an... read more

Angel City Adventures: The Darkroom

Traveling by the Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles: The Darkroom Follow along: Page 127 of the Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles. (The Guidebook publishes in late November, but you can pre-order your copy here.) There is a plaque that sits in the middle of the Franklin Canyon Park claiming to represent... read more

Angel City Adventures: Hsi Lai Temple

Few think of Los Angeles as a destination for mountaintop monasteries, but maybe that’s a shame. The Hsi Lai Temple in the Puente Hills of Hacienda Heights certainly makes a case. The North American headquarters of the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist order, Hsi Lai is one of the largest and oldest Buddhist temples in the country. 

Angel City Adventures: Lummis House (El Alisal)

A peripatetic poet and activist-journalist-naturalist, Charles Lummis held court here with events that he called “noises.” These noises were hosted in the house’s gallery, which features a “photograph window”—regional-themed glass photographic plates fixed in a bank of windows. There he entertained the bohemian demimonde: writers, artists, musicians. And it shows—the house itself is delicately nonconformist and poetic.

An Evening with Patt Morrison & her new book DON'T STOP THE PRESSES!

May 08, '18 by Victoria Bernal

Kathleen Brown and Van Gordon Sauter hosted a wonderful evening with Patt Morrison and her new book, DON'T STOP THE PRESSES! TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN NEWSPAPER. As Patt, twice on the team that produced Pulitzer Prize-winning features, said, this book is "about telling the story of journalists who don't... read more


April 16, '18 by Scott McAuley

April 21 and April 22 marks the 23rd Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Angel City Press has participated in this wonderful literary event since its inception. Join us at USC to celebrate books, reading, ideas, and springtime. We are in Booth #119 (next to Vroman's, near Tommy Trojan and... read more

Lynell George at Eso Won Books

March 21, '18 by Victoria Bernal

Thank you to everyone who joined us last night at Eso Won Books! After Lynell George read a few excerpts from her book AFTER/IMAGE, there was a thoughtful dialogue about a shifting Los Angeles as she encouraged the audience to share their stories. Angelenos often “hold onto things by using... read more

Come meet Lynell George

March 15, '18 by Victoria Bernal

Next week Angel City Press author & GRAMMY® winner Lynell George will share insights from her new book After/Image: Los Angeles Outside the Frame--the way only Lynell George can share insights. With intellect, grace, and a knowing laugh. This native Angeleno has experienced the changes in her town, and she’s... read more

Russell M. Solomon 1925–2018

March 05, '18 by Paddy Calistro

We didn't get to say good-bye, Russ. After all you did for us. Thanks for Tower Records, thanks for the way you put a bright spot on the Sunset Strip and shaped a legend—that store will always be yours. Russ Solomon died last night, watching the Oscars and waiting for... read more

The Fire This Time

December 18, '17 by Victoria Bernal

Here at Angel City Press, we are very relieved to hear that artist and ACP author John Nava and family are now safely back in their Ojai home after they had to evacuate due to the Thomas fire. His studio also survived (Nava is the author of ACP’s new book Sacred... read more