In 1993, Angel City Press went to its first Book Expo (the book industry's trade convention) with our first lovely hardcover book in hand... only to learn from the savants there that printed books were an anachronism, would go the way of the dodo very soon now, and would we like to see a demo of this ten-pound, five-thousand-dollar gadget?

Ho hum, no thanks. We printed books made out of paper instead.

Two decades later, these gadgets exist, and are an order of magnitude or so lighter and cheaper. They are engaged in races for readers' attention, to outrun technical standards, and to "kill" one another in the marketplace so that those 8-track tapes and Betamax machines will have some company in the landfill.

With all that said, ACP has dipped its e-toe in the water and published e-book versions of some titles. They are available through the various e-reader stores; see links adjacent to titles to order.