Breaking on through: Rock ’n’ Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip...

December 15, '12 by Scott McAuley

The Sunset Strip, circa 1967. Buffalo Springfield called it right: “There’s something happening here…what it is ain’t exactly clear.” What was happening then is now absolutely clear. Rock ’n’ roll and the kids who lived it were coming of age—right there on The Strip. And, as if to define the... read more

Shh! Beverly Hills Confidential snuck into town and is stalking you...

September 15, '12 by Scott McAuley

The very name Beverly Hills conjures images of glamour, wealth, and success; in reality, the place has more than its share of malice, mayhem and, yes, even murder. In the breathtaking, and sometimes-macabre pages of Beverly Hills Confidential, the underbelly of the tummy-tucked gets exposed. Straight from the files of the... read more