Lead Belly sang "There's a Man Going Round Taking Names" back in 1953, long before there was the Internet or its naming Tower of Babel.

We at ACP sure could relate to "left my heart in vain" on the fine Tuesday afternoon of October 3, 2020 -- angelcitypress.com had gone AWOL.

Back in 1994 we cobbled together a primitive website and hosted it with Concentric Network Corporation. Over the years it was a pawn in the telecom game -- Nextlink in 2000, then XO, Verizon, finally Digitalspace. The trusty nameserver "ns1.cnchost.com" pointed to ACP servers for decades, even as we moved to a proper e-commerce platform in 2013. Tuesday noon they pulled the plug... poof!

Re-pointed now, angelcitypress.com has returned from its half-day digital void. We hope the world's mail servers have worked as designed and re-tried.