Alta California

Alta California

Peoples in Motion, Identities in Formation, 1769-1850

edited by Steven W. Hackel

Through innovative methodologies and extensive archival research, the nine essays in this volume reshape our understanding of how people in the northernmost Spanish Borderlands viewed themselves and remade their worlds.

Essays/authors include:

  • What they brought: the Alta California Franciscans before 1769 / Rose Marie Beebe, Robert M. Senkewicz
  • Franciscan Missionaries in late colonial Sonora: five decades of change and conflict / José Refugio de la Torre Curiel
  • "Raise your sword and I will eat you": Luiseno Scholar Pablo Tac, ca. 1841 / Lisbeth Haas
  • Identity through music: choristers at missions San Jose and San Juan Bautista / James A. Sandos
  • Becoming Californio: jokes, broadsides, and a slap in the face / Louise Publos
  • Genetics and the Castas of colonial California / John R. Johnson, Joseph G. Lorenz
  • Fantasy heritage: California's historical identities and the professional empire of Herbert E. Bolton / Albert L. Hurtado
  • A new borderlands historiography: constructing and negotiating the boundaries of identity / David J. Weber
  • Identities and the usable pasts of colonial borderlands: Spanish historians and the North Pacific frontiers of the Spanish empire / Sylvia L. Hilton.
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