The Board Game

The Board Game:
How Smart Women Become Corporate Directors

by Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire

The Board Game presents the undeniable case for having more women corporate directors at the decision-making tables of America's public companies. Fifty-eight women directors tell how they won their first board seats. From her executive-search perspective, author Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire gives valuable advice to women at all career stages—so YOU, your sisters, your mothers, and your daughters will have a chance to win The Board Game.

Influential male business leaders say it's smart to have women on boards:

    • "Corporate boards without women directors are basically dysfunctional. Companies can no longer ignore half the population (and seventy percent of the purchasing power) and be successful." —Peter V. Ueberroth, director, Coca-Cola—three women directors today; women on board since 1934.
    • "A Board of Clones tends to do clone thinking and usually has a very narrow range of creativity. A board that has both genders and multiple ethnicities, is far more likely to be productive and responsive to employees and customers. I feel sorry for any organization that doesn't have a significant level of diversity." —George C. Halvorson, Chairman/CEO, Kaiser Permanente—five women directors on board.
    • "Companies can do well by doing good, and the power of influence provides better results than many alternative approaches. Women are proving to be particularly skilled in both these areas, and will be sought after by corporations around the world —Mark T. Bertolini, Chairman, CEO and President, Aetna—four women directors on board.
    • "The goal of obtaining a board seat must be a career-long, purpose-driven endeavor. The most important influence in getting more women on boards is the women who currently serve on boards." —Douglas R. Conant, retired CEO of Campbell Soup—five women directors on board.
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