For The People

For The People

Inside the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office 1850-2000

by Michael Parrish

150 years of Los Angeles crime -- direct from the files of the Los Angeles District Attorney.

With captivating visual and narrative portraits of headline-grabbing criminal cases, For the People charts the first 150 years of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, from its beginnings as a one-man operation to its modern-day emergence as the world’s largest local prosecutorial agency. This authorized history offers unique insight into the lawyers on both sides of some of the most significant and well-known courtroom dramas ever, and proves that truth is often dramatically stranger than fiction.

Author Michael Parrish chronicles a rich cross-section of true crime stories—showing how infamous killers such as Charles Manson and Night Stalker Richard Ramirez were brought to justice; how Julian Pete swindled thousand of ordinary investors in the 1920s oil boom; how Charles Keating defrauded thousands of Americans; how stripper Lili St. Cyr was prosecuted, unsuccessfully, for taking a bubble bath before a live audience at Ciro’s; and how Joseph P. Kennedy helped frame one of the biggest moguls of Hollywood's Golden Age and got away with it.

Here’s what people have said . . .

  • Greta Van Susteren, CNN legal analyst: “For the People is an extraordinary history of an even more extraordinary office. Read and learn about some of the most riveting cases in American history— all handled by the L.A. D.A.”
  • Dick Wolf, Executive Producer, Law & Order: “For the People provides the reader with a fascinating examination of the gritty and sometimes surreal underbelly of America's ‘City of Angels.’”
  • Robert Stack, host of Unsolved Mysteries: “For the People is not only a part of our city's history but an exciting, suspenseful read . . . I could not put it down.” 
  • 208 pages
  • full color
  • 300+ images
  • 9.75x12"
  • hardcover: ISBN 978-1-883318-15-4; $40.00
$40.00 USD