The Secret Sex Life of Dogs and Cats

by Bernadine Cruz

  • "If I neuter my Siamese cat, will his eyes uncross?"
  • "My dog is not fixed and roams a lot. I am worried about him getting some kind of sexual disease. Are there condoms for dogs?"
  • "Can a dog and a cat have babies?"

These are but a few of the actual questions that pet owners have asked their veterinarians dealing with their pets' intimate concerns. When it comes to their pets, most humans are clueless. Misinformation abounds. Many of the misconceptions people have about their pets' sex lives are funny, some bizarre, and others tragic. In the pages of The Secret Sex Life of Dogs and Cats, Bernadine Cruz, DVM, tells it like it is in the R-rated guide to your house pets' most intimate moments. Plus, she educates every pet owner, so there are no surprises. You'll learn everything you need to know about the sex lives of your four legged friends-and you'll never be embarrassed to talk to your vet again! This book makes it clear that there are no stupid questions-only uninformed pet owners.

An almost-X-rated volume that's filled with all those questions that you -- and everyone else -- were afraid to ask about your furry four-legged friends. An entertaining read and a must-have reference. The perfect gift for any pet lover.

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