There was just something about Tom Wolfe that went beyond the suit and tie and pouffed pocket square. We have to thank him for turning reading into entertainment again, harkening back to the days of yore, when people really loved books. Way back then. He made looking at places and people something special. And he made books, well, documents of social/cultural history—with a little more emphasis on the social/cultural and a lot less on the history, and a big emphasis on now. He coined terms. We hated him for “social X-rays,” didn’t we? Such a cultural standard was set. Today, let us honor him for being him and writing his way. And for telling us what would make history. At ACP, we love history. All kinds. Thanks, Tom.

page 75 / from "Paradise Promoted: The Booster Campaign that Created Los Angeles" by Tom Zimmerman

And thanks, Tom Zimmerman for this great shot from Paradise Promoted. The other Tom would have loved it.