The Peaceable and Prosperous Regiment of Blessed Queene Elisabeth

The Peaceable and Prosperous Regiment of Blessed Queene Elisabeth

A Facsimile from Holinshed's Chronicles

edited by Cyndia Susan Clegg and Randall McLeod

Based on copies at the Huntington Library, British Library and Cambridge University Library, this 2005 facsimile of Holinshed’s Chronicles not only provides one of the few accounts of Elizabeth’s reign but also documents the censorship that followed its publication.

Holinshed's Chronicles contains one of the few accounts of Elizabeth's reign written during her lifetime. A contemporary history, it was subjected to censorship by the Privy Council. This facsimile edition, a compilation based on this portion of the Chronicles in copies in the Huntington's collection as well as the British Library and Cambridge University Library, documents the censorship and demonstrates that it occurred in three stages.

The Chronicles, a scrupulously produced monument to Elizabeth, is also a rich source for the study of printing practices. The base text chosen by the editors, an unusual copy in the Huntington Library, contains the largest sample of proofmarkings that survive from the sixteenth century. The proofmarkings are examined in light of contemporary printing-house practices and in relation to other copies of the work in libraries around the world.

About the Authors:  Cyndia Susan Clegg, Distinguished Professor of English at Pepperdine University, is the author of Press Censorship in Elizabethan England and Press Censorship in Jacobean England. She specializes in early modern print culture, censorship, Shakespeare, and English Renaissance Poetry.

 / Randall McLeod, Professor of English at the University of Toronto, has published widely on typography and printing. He presented the Rosenbach Lectures in Bibliography at the University of Pennsylvania in 1999 and is the editor of Crisis in Editing: Texts of the English Renaissance.

  • 578 pages
  • illustrated throughout with images
  • 12"w x 16"h
  • hardcover; ISBN 978-0-87328-161-4; $325.00

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